Empower Your Brand's Performance

Unlock the Full Potential of Every Review

Build a Stellar Online Reputation

Create an impactful brand narrative, consistently shaped by positive customer feedback, building your digital appeal and trustworthiness.

Cultivate Strong Customer Bonds

Deepen your customer connections through active engagement, showing your dedication to their experiences and fostering lasting loyalty.

Unified Review Management

Effortlessly manage reviews from multiple platforms in one place, streamlining your processes and saving valuable time.
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Reputation Management Tools


Reply To Reviews

Quickly address user-generated content on platforms like Google, enhancing your brand's digital reputation.

Centralized Management

Manage reviews from Facebook, TripAdvisor, and more in one dashboard for streamlined brand management.

Simple To Use

Enjoy an intuitive interface that simplifies reputation management, optimizing your digital footprint.
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Embed On Website

Boost your site’s brand awareness by showcasing authentic reviews, and enhancing your digital marketing strategy.

Customize Messages

Personalize messages for review requests, aligning with your brand’s unique voice and customer engagement goals.

Send Reminder

Efficiently follow up with automated reminders, increasing the likelihood of customer feedback for your brand.

Why choose Us?

Experience Unparalleled Review Management

Dive into a platform where managing your online reputation is not just easy, but impactful. With our innovative approach, every review becomes a stepping stone towards greater brand success and customer loyalty.

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly connect with major platforms like Google Maps and Facebook, ensuring your digital marketing strategy is complemented with valuable, real-time customer insights.

Customer-Centric Approach

Focused on enhancing customer experience and satisfaction, our platform is designed to foster positive communication, turning every review into an opportunity for brand growth.
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Reviews Impact Both Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rates

By harnessing the power of user-generated content through reviews, your brand can significantly enhance its search engine optimization, making your digital footprint more prominent on platforms like Google and Yelp. Simultaneously, these authentic testimonials act as social proof, boosting conversion rates by fostering trust and credibility among potential customers.



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Premium - 25% off

  • Review Generation
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  • Display Testimonials
  • All Features Included
/6 months
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Platinum - 30% off

  • Review Generation
  • Reputation Management
  • Display Testimonials
  • All Features Included
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Some Of Our Most Popular Integrations

Seamlessly Connect with Where Your Customers Are

We seamlessly integrates with over 20 key platforms, ensuring your business is connected wherever your customers are.

Picture this: Your restaurant's latest reviews on Yelp, your boutique's customer feedback on Facebook, or your professional services' ratings on Google - all managed effortlessly from one central place. We extend this connectivity to specialized sites like Yellow Pages and Foursquare, essential for local businesses aiming to make a mark in their community. And for those focused on building unparalleled trust, our integration with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) adds an extra layer of reputation management.

This isn't just about managing reviews; it's about weaving your brand's narrative across the digital landscape where it matters most. With LocaRatings, step into a world where every review is an opportunity to grow, engage, and elevate your business in the eyes of your customers.

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social media reputation

How Social Media Affects Business Reputation

In the dynamic world of social media, the reputation of your business is constantly being sculpted by every like, share, and comment. This modern landscape acts as a powerful amplifier, where your brand’s every action can either enhance or harm